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10:00 AM ET

(2:00 PM UTC)

15 min


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10:15 AM ET

(2:15 PM UTC)

30 min

Micro Meditation

A Simple Morning Routine To Transform Your Day

Raff Ricci (Italy)

Meditation & Mindfulness

With so many styles and traditions of meditation and mindfulness, it becomes difficult for beginners to get their foot in the door. In this session, meditation expert Raff Ricci will introduce complete beginners to the basics of meditation. Ricci is the founder of MEYA, a meditation app that combines music and mindfulness. Ricci will explain what meditation is and how you will benefit from incorporating it in your daily routine. He will lead you through your first micro meditation session, giving you a framework to take with you and make part of your morning routine.

Raff Ricci, founder of MEYA a new music and mindfulness app that goes beyond meditation. Meditation, Mindfulness and Life Coaching had such an impact on Raff’s life that he was compelled to make them, even more, combining them with electronic music and sound healing. A unique combination with music and sound healing helps the listener to reach a state of presence and makes the guided meditation experience more immersive and easier to follow.

10:55 AM ET

(2:55 PM UTC)

30 min

Rejuvenate Yourself Physically and Mentally with 5 Minutes of Daily Morning Yoga

Kevin Boyle (Ireland)


Starting your day with yoga means starting your day on the right foot. In this session, Kevin Boyle will cover the main benefits of introducing a simple, short yoga routine into your daily lives. Kevin is a Dublin based yoga teacher who offers workshops and training courses both online and throughout the country. He’s also the host of The Yoga Life Podcast. He will discuss how simple it is to set yourself up at home with minimal equipment and will introduce you to basic yoga flow suitable for complete beginners. Using a modern style of yoga centered on mobility, strength, and flexibility, Kevin will give you the tools and knowledge you need to start your yoga journey today.

Kevin is a Dublin based yoga teacher. He teaches a modern style of yoga that encourages mobility, strength and active flexibility. As well as teaching public classes, Kevin leads the teacher training at YogaHub, offers retreats and workshops all over the country and hosts The Yoga Life Podcast.

11:45 AM ET

(3:45 PM UTC)

30 min

The Art of Breathwork

How Breathing Affects Your Health and Mental State

Philippa Wilkin (UK)

Meditation & Mindfulness

Breathwork is the practice of controlled breathing to lift your physical and mental health. Phillippa Wilkins is a breathwork facilitator and the founder of Breathworks. She leads retreats, traveling the world to empower people to use conscious breathing techniques to achieve their greatest potential. Throughout this session, Phillippa will help you discover how your breath is your very own super power right under your nose. You will learn the keys to managing your mental state, reducing stress, and shedding emotional baggage. Along the way, you will pick up some simple breathing exercises to take you from 60 to 0 in seconds.

Born and bred in the English countryside, Philippa is a corporate escapee turned transformational leadership coach and breathwork facilitator. An existential crisis led to a path of self exploration, deciding to quit her 12 year insurance career to discover her true purpose. Living in Brazil was the perfect antidote to her western conditioning and provided the space to explore and train in therapeutic breathwork. She is the founder of Breathworks, a coach and retreat leader, and travels the world empowering people to use conscious breathing techniques to achieve their greatest potential.

12:25 PM ET

(4:25 PM UTC)

30 min

HIIT To the Rescue

7 Minute Home Workouts to Improve Your Health

Daria Daspin (USA)


What is HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training takes the work you would normally do in a 30 minute jog and packs it into 7 powerful minutes. The effect is you having fun while improving your health in just minutes. How? The Training Lab NYC’s Daria Daspin gives us the ultimate introduction into HIIT. Daria will break down HIIT methodology and will walk you through your first 7 minute workout that you can take with you on your fitness journey.

During Daria’s childhood, she was a figure skater and during her high school career, a competitive cheerleader. She then attended the University of Louisville and earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Health and Human Performance (Concentration: Exercise Science) and a minor in Sports Administration in May 2015. She represented the University of Louisville as not only a competitive cheerleader, but also football and men’s basketball game day cheerleader. After college, Daria moved back to New Jersey where she started her personal training career. Currently, Daria works full time for The Training Lab NYC. For fun, Daria likes to spend time with her 3 dogs and travel the world! She enjoys challenging herself, being outdoors, and experiencing life!

1:35 PM ET

(5:35 PM UTC)

30 min

Occasional Plant-Based Eating

Small Change, Big Impact

Marina Yanay-Triner (Israel)


Plant based eating is a form of wellness that not only benefits you, but also your planet and environment. Making the transition to a plant based diet can be challenging for many. Thankfully, experts like Marina Yanay-Trinor are here to help you. Yanay-Trinor is a transformational wellness coach and recipe developer who helps her clients transition to plant based eating while maintaining their lifestyle, combining nutrition education with transformational mindset work. In this session, she will cover the simple behavioral changes you can make to incorporate more plant-based foods in your diet, and maybe even forego meat once a week.

Marina Yanay-Triner is a transformational life coach and has been plant based for over 9 years. She is passionate about helping you live a fulfilling, purpose driven and conscious life. If you're interested in working with her, book a session here:

2:15 PM ET

(6:15 PM UTC)

30 min

The Superpower of Intermittent Fasting Explained in 15 Minutes

Carolyn Williams (USA)


While intermittent fasting might sound like a “diet” to newcomers, it’s more like an eating schedule. How is it that changing the timing of what you eat can have such a big impact on your health, energy levels, and consumption? James Beard-winning registered dietician Carolyn Williams gives a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can harness the superpower of Intermittent Fasting in your life. She’ll guide you through its evidence based benefits and its various formats to help ease you into the IF lifestyle.

Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD, is a culinary nutrition expert, registered dietitian, and cookbook author known for her ability to simplify healthy eating. A 2017 James Beard Journalism Award winner, Carolyn has developed a knack for breaking down complex science into tangible, bite-sized pieces that consumers are eager to read and use. She readily tackles the latest nutrition trends and fads, sharing both the good and bad aspects and then allowing readers to form their own opinions. Carolyn serves as a Contributing Editor for and, and her work is regularly featured on websites for Real Simple, Parents, Health, Allrecipes, Prevention, My Fitness Pal, the American Heart Association, and eMeals. Other work includes nutrient analysis, recipe development, menu planning, and teaching culinary arts and nutrition classes at a local community college where she is a tenured faculty member. As a busy mom of two (Madeline, age 12, and Griffin, age 9), Carolyn recognizes the need to get a healthy dinner on the table quickly and loves to share recipes and tricks for doing just that with her readers and followers. In June 2019, she released her latest cookbook, Meals That Heal: 100+ Everyday Anti-Inflammatory Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less, which teaches readers how to use the healing powers of food to improve overall health in quick, family-friendly recipes.

2:55 PM ET

(6:55 PM UTC)

30 min

Exclusive: Introduction to Movement Therapy, A New Paradigm in Reforming Your Body & Mind

Rome Za (Chechnya)


Rome Za is a holistic nutritionist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, movement and Brazilian jiu-jitsu professor, writer, speaker, and coach. Since 2011, he’s helped transform the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of thousands of people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movements, and a healing mind. Throughout this session, Rome will share his story on how he healed his broken body and mind to get to where he is now. Rome will teach you what movement therapy is, how to learn from failure, and how to have freedom in what you feel.

3:45 PM ET

(7:45 PM UTC)

30 min

The Magic of CBD

How to Reduce Pain, Ease Anxiety & Sleep Better

Mary Biles (UK)

Health & Wellness

We hear all the time that CBD is a natural supplement to help us unwind at the end of the day, especially before bed. We see a new sign every week advertising a new CBD store. In this session, expert Mary Biles will provide a comprehensive introduction to CBD, including how to integrate it into your everyday life to reduce chronic pain, ease your anxiety, and even use as a sleep aid. Don’t miss this if you want to learn all about CBD has to offer from a true authority on the subject.

Mary Biles, a medical cannabis journalist, host of the podcast 'Cannabis Voices', and CBD industry insider, has a unique perspective on why we could all do with some CBD in our life. Following a varied career in TV production and as a complementary therapist, she decided her talents were better utilised educating the world about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant after seeing first hand its extraordinary health benefits in a close friend. Since then Mary has been one of the most in demand CBD content specialists in Europe and the US, writing well researched and easily digestible articles for respected educational organisations such as the Californian non-for-profit Project CBD, as well as contributing to the Huffington Post. This summer sees the publication of her much-awaited book: 'The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD OIl' (Harper Collins).

4:25 PM ET

(8:25 PM UTC)

30 min

Daily Sustainability Tips to Keep Our Planet Healthy

Lea D'Auriol (France)


Each day, we practice habits that little by little burden our environment. Cheap single-use plastics, for example, is one of the biggest contributors to the pollution of our oceans. Lea D'Auriol is the Founder & Executive Director of Oceanic Global, whose mission is to engage new audiences in ocean conservation.Oceanic Global recently partnered with the United Nations to produce the UN World Oceans Day virtual event which took place on June 8th, 2020. Throughout the session, Lea will share sustainability tips and practices that we can incorporate into our daily lives to help make our planet a healthier place.She will touch upon behavioural changes that need to be implemented by us all in our own homes, with special focus on how to reduce single - use plastics.

Lea d’Auriol founded the Oceanic Global Foundation in 2016 with the mission of engaging new audiences in ocean conversation. The non-profit taps into universal passions to raise awareness for issues impacting our oceans and to provide individual and industry solutions that drive positive change. Oceanic Global takes a uniquely creative approach to conservation, creating immersive experiences that engage local communities, amplify the efforts of synergistic groups, generate measurable impact, and ignite global action.

5:05 PM ET

(9:05 PM UTC)

30 min

Reset Your Body Clock

5 Strategies For Better Sleep

Dr Karthik Ramanan (USA)

Health & Wellness

More than you might think, your physical and emotional health is closely attached to your sleep and circadian rhythm. With electronics, around the clock communication, and workaholic culture, we often feel unrested and burnt out. In this session, Dr. Karthik Ramanan (“Dr. K”) will teach you 5 iron-clad strategies to help you get better sleep so you can optimise your circadian rhythm and live a healthier lifestyle. Dr. K is an expert in integrative emotional health and lifestyle medicine, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to ask him questions about optimising your sleep, ending burnout, and building emotional health.

Most high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs struggle in constant stress. Dr. Karthik Ramanan will help you end burnout so that you can reclaim your energy and passion for life. Dr. Karthik Ramanan, NMD (""Dr. K"") is an executive emotional health coach, licensed naturopathic physician, and inspirational speaker. Dr. K completed his undergraduate studies at Cornell University with bachelors degrees in Biological Sciences and Applied Economics and Management. He went on to work eight years at Goldman Sachs, a period of time that spanned the recession of 2008 and the years after. After experiencing a life-changing 100 pound weight loss journey on a plant based diet, he left his career on Wall Street to attend Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Today, Dr. K hosts a weekly online show, the Dr. K Show, dedicated to ending burnout and building emotional health. He is passionate about helping other ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs build unshakeable emotional health so that they can live a purpose-driven life.